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Are you looking for a serious business opportunity? Are you searching for an excellent way to become your own boss?

Well, look no further! Since 1997, Mr. Mozzarella has been offering customers one of the finest and best-tasting brands in Canada. Our company has expanded from its Ontario roots to British Columbia – and we are looking to Alberta next. Even California!

Yes, we’re a small group, at least nationally. We are not in the league of some of the more famous brands that seem to pop up on corners across the country—offering… well, offering the ‘same old… same old’ pizza. Sure, there are shops out there – from large, generic chains to the independent place around the corner – who will sell you a pizza for $6.99. But we’re sure you’re familiar with the expression, ‘you get what you pay for’. Let’s be honest! Have you been one of those consumers who have been disappointed, more often than not, when you opened that box?

We all have, and that’s another reason to choose Mr. Mozzarella. But if you’ve been fortunate enough to experience our pizza, wings and other magnificent pasta dishes, if you’ve tasted our unique sauces, spices and original ingredients, you are already sold on Mr. Mozzarella and its unique, high-level products.


At Mr. Mozzarella, we offer a complete training program to ensure your success. From selecting the best location for your store to buying the right equipment, from training your staff in the kitchen to hiring the best and brightest at the counter, we’ll be there. We’ll help you in the selection of food suppliers.

We’ll teach you our best cooking secrets. We’ll work with you to prepare your menus, and you’ll learn how to keep your customers happy. At every step of the way, Mr. Mozzarella is there to help.

We want you to succeed… because if you succeed, so do we!

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If you’ve never been involved in marketing your own business, if you feel uneasy about how to sell your product, rest assured! At Mr. Mozzarella, we are experts in getting our message out. Our partners have had a long track record in building businesses through excellent marketing. From public relations to direct mail, from the select use of advertising, Mr. Mozzarella will drive customers to your door. In addition, we can offer you many great ideas for everything from grand openings to taking advantage holidays and sporting events. We know how to create partnerships with leading charities in your community. And then there’s Facebook and Twitter, the fastest-growing ‘new’ media that are changing the way people are doing business everywhere. Its all part of the bargain! We’re all in this together!


If you’re read this far, you will be interested in learning more about our low franchise fees and competitive royalties — and what you receive in return. We suspect you have done your homework. Perhaps you have noticed that other chains ask a great deal more from its independent owners?

Well, as you learn more about Mr. Mozzarella, you will come to know that we have the best opportunity in the pizza business! So, compare us to our competitors, and discover for yourself why the purchase of a franchise from us will result in great success—from the very moment you open your first door! Feel free to drop by one of our stores and talk to our entrepreneurial manager/owners. Or call or email us now … and be part of one of Canada’s most unique business opportunities!

For further information, call Sakr Kassis at (613)282-8177 or email him at:

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