All our pizzas are home made, with the freshest ingredients...

Pizza Delivery and Takeaway Restaurant

It all starts with our fresh, home-made dough. Made on site, our cooks spend hours every day crafting the perfect batches. We ensure to make it from scratch so we can consistently deliver perfect pies to your door.

Sizzlin' & Savory Wings

Baked in our special blend of spices and then fried to crispy perfection! With more than 25 sauces to choose from, they’re a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Try them in any one of our breaded, boneless, or original chicken wing varieties!


About Us

Mr. Mozzarella was founded in 1997 in Ontario and has quickly become established as one of the best franchise operations in Ontario.

Our possibilities for growth are endless.

Why? Simply because we offer the best-tasting pizza, pasta, wings & more at competitive prices. Our customers can’t get enough!

Yes, we’re a small group compared to other nationally-owned chains. We won’t offer you a pie at $6.99 because… well, we believe (and our customers agree!) that you get what you pay for. Once you try our mouth-watering, freshly prepared ingredients, you won’t go anywhere else. Guaranteed!

That’s why our motto is ‘Pizza you’ll want to bring home to meet Mom!’

We mean it!

Our company has rapidly become the pizza of choice for so many loyal customers.

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